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General English courses for children and adults Hello everybody! My name is Anna Guyumjyan. I am 25 years old and I am from Yerevan, Armenia. I lived in the USA for about 6 years and went to elementary school there. Later, already in Armenia, I went to a foreign language school. After school, I entered the Yerevan State University, the Faculty of Romance-Germanic Philology, which I graduated with honors. Currently, I am doing my PHD in teaching methodology. I have been teaching English for over five years. I have been a self-employed teacher for 4 years and now I teach English online. I firmly believe that my mission in this life is to share my knowledge with people, which is why teaching English is my passion. I plan lessons individually according to the needs and requirements of each student. I help my students master the language confidently, I constantly motivate them. Patience, commitment and creativity are the main qualities that a good teacher must possess to make the learning process more interesting and motivating. During my teaching career, I have come to the realization that every student is unique and I must prioritize their needs and requirements in the learning process. I have beginner students who have improved their speaking skills so much that they can now communicate fluently without any problems. I take General English courses, work with adults, teenagers and children. I teach students from beginner to advanced level helping them improve their speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. The materials I use in my class include Cambridge, Oxford, Macmillan, etc. I am proud that my students trust me and enjoy the fun, friendly and academic atmosphere that I create during the lessons. I firmly believe that the success of my students is mine as well.

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